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The New Zealand Archaeological Radiocarbon Database was compiled by the Department of Conservation Science and Research Unit (Project Investigation 900) under the direction of Dr Bruce McFadgen.

It comprises dates determined principally at the Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory (originally the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Radiocarbon Laboratory) and the Waikato University Radiocarbon Laboratory in New Zealand, with a smaller number from overseas laboratories.

The assistance of volunteers who worked on data entry is gratefully acknowledged:

  • Ms Ruth Harper
  • Ms Belinda McFadgen
  • Mr Hugh Stockbridge.

Ms Vanessa Tanner was responsible for completing data entry and checking the database.

Details about radiocarbon dates were clarified by:

  • Dr Rodger Sparks and Ms Dawn Chambers of the Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory
  • Dr Tom Higham of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit
  • Drs Alan Hogg and Fiona Petchey of the Waikato University Radiocarbon Laboratory
  • Dr Steve Robertson of the Radiocarbon Laboratory Australian National University.

Details about archaeological sites have been checked where necessary by Mr Tony Walton of the Department of Conservation Science and Research Unit. The prompt answers from archaeological colleagues throughout New Zealand to questions about submitted samples is gratefully acknowledged.

The original database was interfaced to the World Wide Web by Paul Kennett, Fiona Cubie and Karleen Kopa of Campus Media, at the Information Technology Services division of the University of Waikato.